PixelmonDuel is changing!!!

TazMTV a posted Dec 29, 13
Hello my name is Taz and  most of you will not know who i am and what i do on the server, Let me explain a little :) i am the owner of PixelmonDuel and i have a Youtube channel with over 30,000 subscribers.

Now you may be thinking if you own the server why have i never heard of you or seen you on the server before and the reason for that is the fact that i have been taking a back seat over recent times after the "Co Owner" of the server made it feel like my say was worthless and things on the server began to change without me knowing and this caused a lot of arguments between the two of us. 

Now that he has decided to leave for whatever reason i have full control of the server and changes are going to be coming quick and often rather than wait to see if the "Co Owner" or myself is going to do what ever change needed doing.

I am going to take around a week to have a look at the server and see what needs changing in terms of plugins then i plan on adding builders to get the map finished as i felt like the old Co Owner's attention was more on Donations rather than on map building and after that i plan on adding more active mods.

So this was not the most well written piece of text ever but it is 1:30Am it was just more of a hey this is me and this is what is going to be going on.

Thanks for your patience

itzrobotix The server has been closed. You could join my server though. IP: robotixpixelmon.beastnode.net
Nuc1ear444 So is the server ever going to be back up? Cause i loved playing on there
Lorelai1115 He won't reply to you. He's never on. He talked all this talk about how he was better than JP and yet who'...